What To Do When Employees Leave

Here are some things I’ve learned about people leaving en masse.

Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

1. Rethink your growth structure.

One of the biggest reasons people leave their job is to pursue professional growth and career advancement

2. Rethink your salary structure.

The pandemic has shifted our perceptions of work and altered the business landscape so dramatically, the competition might no longer be what it was in 2019.

3. Rethink your hiring processes.

“Hiring for potential” is hard, but it’s something you and I need to get better at.

4. Make it an easy transition.

This should be clear as day on your job description as a manager: make transitions easy for all parties involved.

5. Accept it.

If you feel like you’re in a sinking ship, be the captain that steers it back on course.

I’m an engineering manager and entrepreneur who loves exchanging ideas and helping others become better at what they do. I run a blog at techmanagement.life