Here’s My Christmas Wishlist

A few things I wish for you and for all of us after such a challenging year.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Hey there! I know you’ve probably been having a rough year. I assume we all have, in varying degrees and each our own unique circumstances. My problems may not be the same as yours, but I believe regardless of what you and I have been through this year, we all deserve a break these next few days to enjoy time with the people we love or simply time with ourselves. And, yes, we deserve to have a better year ahead.

So here are a few things I wish for you (and all of us) this Christmas:

  • I wish for some sense of normalcy next year — if not what we’ve always known as “normal”, at least some new normal we can all adapt to.
  • Speaking of the new normal, I wish you the strength and courage to adapt and face whatever 2021 brings.
  • For those who have been affected career-wise — whether you’ve lost your job to some degree or stuck in a less-than-ideal work situation because you’ve lost all other options (or simply can’t take the risk) — I wish that you find a much, much better opportunity than you would have imagined.
  • Speaking of — I wish all of us the peace of mind, the confidence, the security, and the prosperity to finally take that big risk we’ve been pondering over throughout our lives.
  • I wish for true compassion and empathy in the workplace next year; we need those now more than ever.
  • I wish for meaningful human connection to happen in whatever shape and form — whether face-to-face (because we finally beat the virus) or in the digital space (because we’ve learned how to truly connect in spite of all the limitations).
  • I wish for innovation — that people find new ways to live, work, and play in this new uncharted space, and that life goes on better than ever because of it.
  • I wish we all find happiness next year and if that proves near impossible, learn to truly create happiness for ourselves and others.

No matter what we’ve been through this year, I believe we’ve all done some amazing things. Surviving is a huge accomplishment in itself. And I’m optimistic 2021, regardless of what difficulties it may bring, will find you better equipped to face the adversity.

Happy holidays, everyone, and thank you for making me a part of your year!

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I’m an engineering manager and entrepreneur who loves exchanging ideas and helping others become better at what they do. I run a blog at

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