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  • Might Delete Later

    Might Delete Later

    Trying to write regularly. This might keep me accountable. Might delete later. Writing by M.D. Dela Paz, until I make a proper Wordpress site. (Never.)

  • Jan Barrera

    Jan Barrera


  • Cliff Berg

    Cliff Berg

    Author and IT consultant — LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffberg/

  • Tony Hunter

    Tony Hunter

    Tony Hunter | Chairman and CEO at McClatchy Co.| Founder at TWH Enterprises | Leading From the Front | https://tonywhunter.com/

  • novalis



  • Pedro Escudero

    Pedro Escudero

    Director of engineering. Python & Ruby lover. Writer & role player (four fiction books published in Spanish). I never surrender. Now in Berlin.

  • Rajat


  • Melissa Goodall

    Melissa Goodall

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