Do more by recognizing when “good” becomes “good enough”.

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Here are some things I’ve learned about people leaving en masse.

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Are you putting yourself in the shoes of others or doing the opposite?

Here are four things I’ve learned to keep in mind when it comes to building better empathy.

Here’s why the QCD triangle might be a little misguided.

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In a remote setting, accountability is important. But equally important is safety.

I’m lucky to have come out of it relatively better off, but I also wish I could have done more for others.

A few things I wish for you and for all of us after such a challenging year.

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  • I wish for some…

We want to solve problems but we also have to admit that we can’t solve all of them.

Here are four silent culture killers you need to watch out for, and some tips on how you can avoid them in your organization.

Emphasizing teamwork can occasionally send the wrong message.

Derwin Dexter Sy

I’m an engineering manager and entrepreneur who loves exchanging ideas and helping others become better at what they do. I run a blog at

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